This website provides information regarding a Securities and Exchange Commission Fair Fund distribution Notice.

UPDATE: The Initial Distribution took Place on 11/20/2020. 

Who is Eligible to Participate in the Fair Fund?

If you purchased or otherwise acquired Diamond Foods, Inc. (“Diamond Foods”) common shares ("Eligible Securities") in the United States between February 26, 2010 and February 9, 2012, inclusive (“Relevant Period”), and the shares were sold at a loss or continue to be held, you may be eligible for compensation for harm to investors caused by Defendant's violations of the securities laws. The Diamond Foods, Inc. Fair Fund (“Fair Fund”) was established by the Court to distribute monies to harmed investors. The administration of the Fair Fund is governed by the Plan of Distribution (“Distribution Plan”) approved by the Court on December 18, 2018. A copy of the plan, which contains a description of eligibility and other conditions to participation, can be found here. Pursuant to the Distribution Plan, you may be entitled to receive a monetary payment from the Fair Fund.

Determination of Recognized Claims

The amount of compensation shall be determined by referencing the Plan of Allocation included as Appendix I to the Distribution Plan. The amount of compensation varies based on the exact dates of transaction in Diamond Foods, Inc. common stock during the Relevant Period, the number of shares of Diamond Foods Inc. purchased and/or sold, and the total dollar value of eligible claims submitted to the Fair Fund. If the sum of all approved claims exceeds the monies available for distribution, payments will be made on a pro rata basis, determined by the ratio of each approved claim to the aggregate amount of all approved claims. Appendix I to the Distribution Plan is posted here.


Please read the Distribution Plan, including the Plan of Allocation, and other relevant case documents in their entirety for more complete details. The documents can be found on the Case Documents tab.

If you need further assistance you may obtain more information by calling the dedicated toll-free number at 1-866-677-0654 or sending an email to info@DiamondFoodsFairFund.com.